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Eddi ApolonoEddi Apolonov is the Regional Dance Director for the Wisconsin Region, and occasionally, we are lucky enough to have him in our studio. As a competitor, Eddi competed on the most renowned floor in the world as a Rising Star Finalist in International Latin at the Blackpool Dance Festival. He was also the undefeated Fred Astaire International Latin Champion. With a Bachelors Degree in Choreography from the University of Fine Arts of Russia, Eddi creates some of the most interesting and beautiful routines. His passion and enthusiasm for ballroom dancing is highly contagious, and he is sure to inspire greatness.
Corky Ballas The name Corky Ballas has become synonymous with ballroom dancing throughout the years. Corky is the only American to become a 3-time World Champion in the International Latin division of ballroom dancing. He is also well-known for the many videos, books, and websites he created offering dance instruction. Corky joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars in Season 7, partnering with comedienne and actress Cloris Leachman. He is also the father of Mark Ballas whom he trained along with his childhood friends, Derek and Julianne Hough. His sense of humor and expertise make his coachings exciting and memorable.
Mark Ballas is the son of Corky and Shirley Ballas. Mark is best known for his involvement with the show Dancing with the Stars. He joined the show as a professional dancer in 2007 and since then has won the coveted mirror ball trophy two times! Before becoming a television star, Mark competed with his partner, Julianne Hough and won the Gold Medal for Latin dancing in the Junior Olympics. Mark is also a founding member of the Ballas Hough Band. He composes original songs for the group as well as playing lead guitar and singing lead vocals.
Marylynn Benitez represented the US in countless competitions in the International Latin division all around the world, including the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival. Her many titles earned her a spot on the Fred Astaire Dance Board, where she serves as a coach and adjudicator on the Regional and National Competition circuits. Marylynn’s choreography is known for being filled with beautiful, flowing movement, and she consistently brings out the best in students.
Jim Carter is a member of the National Dance Council and the owner of a Fred Astaire Dance Studio. He is a highly accomplished dancer in the Theater Arts and Cabaret division. As well as being a choreographer for Smooth and Rhythm Exhibitions, he is also the master mind behind many of the country’s best Solos, Novelties, and Showcases. Jim has been an important part of the Fred Astaire Company for many years as a ProAm Teacher and Competitor, Coach, and Judge
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Maksim Chmerkovskiy is known to the world as the handsome face (and body) of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. To us, he is known as a wonderful coach, choreographer, and friend. Maks’ group classes are known to draw large numbers of students from several states, and his appearances here have brought a bit of Hollywood and celebrity to our studio. Maks’ straight-forward approach to coaching makes his lessons challenging, but they always leave you with a smile.

Valentin Chmerkovsk Valentin Chmerkovskiy is the reigning United States Amateur Latin Champion. As the younger brother of Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Val has appeared several times on Dancing with the Stars as a performer and as a coach for Maks’ partners. Our studio is lucky enough to be one of the few studios Val visits as a coach. His enthusiasm for teaching is hard to match, and a session with him is always a challenge.

Ginette Cournoyer Ginette Cournoyer is a highly accomplished competitor in the International Latin division, and has also been an adjudicator at the most prestigious competition in the world, Blackpool Dance Festival. Ginette resides in Montreal, Canada, and has the most delightful French Canadian accent. She is highly skilled in all forms of ballroom dance.
Chuck Danza is a World Latin finalist and World Rising Star Latin Champion. He was a professional dancer on Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars. Chuck can also be seen dancing along side Antonio Banderas and Madonna in the popular film Evita. He is now based in Philadelphia where he own 5 Ballroom Dance Studios.
Jack Davy Jack Davy is the Dance Director for the Fred Astaire Chicago Region, and is responsible for coaching some of Chicago’s best students and professionals. As a highly decorated Smooth dancer, Jack took part in creating Fred Astaire’s Bronze syllabus. Jack can be seen as a judge at all of the Fred Astaire National competitions and several independent competitions throughout the year.
Linda Dean is considered a living legend in the ballroom community. She and her partner, Vernon Brock breathed new life into the International Latin division when they debuted their partnership in 1975. They went on to win the USDSC Latin title for the next four years. Linda is now a dance board member, and coaches and judges all around the country. Her professional demeanor and impeccable taste have made her one of the most sought after coaches in the industry.
Tony Dovolani Tony Dovolani has become one of the most recognized faces of Fred Astaire Dance Studios and of Ballroom Dancing. Tony began his ballroom career as an instructor with Fred Astaire and has since become a World Champion American Rhythm Dancer with his partner, Elena Grinenko. Having a coaching with Tony gives you bragging rights, as he has been a cast member of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars every year since Season 2!
John Gates has been in the ballroom industry since 1983 when he started in Canada. Seeking more knowledge and opportunity he moved to the USA in 1984. He worked for the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Bay Shore. An NDCA member since 1984, John Gates worked his way up to being one of the top teacher's in the United States. Naturally being proud of having his students ranking the Top Students in the United States, he was most honored to be the Fred Astiare Undefeated American Smooth with his Partner Lisa Brittany. In 2005 John became the new Co Owner of the State of Wisconsin Area Franchisor.
Jean Marc Genereux has won several titles in the International Latin and Standard styles of ballroom dance on both the National and World circuits with his wife and partner, France. Currently, Jean Marc is a choreographer for the American version of So You Think You Can Dance and a judge on the Canadian version. He has coached several of the world’s best dancers, and is truly one of the most entertaining coaches in the industry.
Nadia Goulina Nadia Goulina is one of the world’s best International Latin Dancers as well as a Fred Astaire studio owner in Montville, NJ with her partner, Ilya Ifraimov. Nadia can be seen on several seasons of PBS’s America’s Ballroom Challenge, where she performed the well-known Show dance to the theme song from the movie, Transformers. Nadia’s experience in International Latin and Standard as well as American Smooth and Rhythm make her a highly sought-after judge and coach.
Ilya Ifraimov With nearly every title in the International Latin division, Ilya Ifraimov is one of the most recognizable faces in ballroom dancing. He can also be seen dancing Pro-Am with his students at Fred Astaire National Events. Ilya and his partner, Nadia, also own and operate a quickly growing studio in New Jersey. With his honest approach, and trend setting choreography, Ilya has become a favorite coach for Chicago North and its Professionals.
Rae Josephs Rae Josephs wears many hats in the ballroom dance community. As a former United States Finalist and 6-time undefeated Fred Astaire National American Rhythm Champion, Rae is one of the most sought after judges for Fred Astaire National Competitions and independent competitions alike. She, along with her late husband, Joe, are also some of the most successful studio owners in the company’s history, and are known for creating studios that are, in fact, “the happiest, friendliest, spots in town.” Rae is currently the Regional Franchise Directors for the State of Illinois, as well as the owner and operator of the South Barrington Studio. Rae is also the mother of our very own Jackie Josephs! A coaching with Rae always leaves students and teachers inspired, invigorated, and...... sweaty. Bring a towel!
Tad Joy Tad Joy is the friendly voice you hear at all the Fred Astaire National events, as well as the Chicago Regional Competitions. Tad is also a decorated dancer in the American Smooth division with his wife and partner, Elizabeth. Tad’s coachings are known for their precise, solid technique with a balance of showmanship and personality
Stephen Knight Stephen Knight is one of the busiest men in the industry! As a Regional Franchise Director for the Wisconsin region, an NDCA adjudicator, a coach, choreographer, and the Assistant National Dance Director for Fred Astaire Dance Studios, his dance card is almost always full. Stephen and his dance partner, Rae Josephs, were 3-time United States American Rhythm Finalists, and 6 time undefeated Fred Astaire American Rhythm Champions. Stephen is also responsible for creating a large portion of the Silver Syllabus. He is well-known for his choreography for open routines, Solos, Showcases, and Novelties.
Martin Lamb is a United Kingdom and World Professional Ten dance Champion. His choreography, technical precision, and sharp wit have made him a favorite at the Fred Astaire Chicago North Studio. Martin can also be seen judging at all the Fred Astaire National Competitions and countless Independent competitions throughout the year.
Dan MessengerDan Messenger is one of the friendliest coaches to visit our studio. As the organizer of the Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships, he is a familiar face to students and professionals alike. Dan and his wife, Becky have been an important part of the Ballroom Dance Community for many years, and we are thrilled to have him become a part of our family as well.
Tomas Mielnicki took a family trip to America in 2003, and felt so comfortable in New York City, he decided to stay. In 2005, he met JT Thomas and they began competing together in 2006. Their balance of class, technique and pizazz sky rocketed them to the top of the ranks. Tomas and JT now hold the title of American Smooth Champions and have been featured in PBS's America's Ballroom Challenge. Who would have thought that a Polish Law Student would go on vacation, and end up an American hero? As a former Polish Ten Dance Champion, Tomas is also well versed in the Latin style of ballroom dancing.
Charlie PenatelloCharlie Penatello is the other voice you hear at the Fred Astaire National Competitions. Charlie and his wife and partner, Jeanne, have become known for their larger than life personalities on the dance floor. As a Fred Astaire National American Style Champion, Charlie excels in both Smooth and Rhythm. He is a wonderful choreographer for either an open routine or an attention-grabbing Solo. Charlie is unstoppable, and by far one of the wildest partners you will ever share a dance with!
Jeanne Penatello Jeanne Penatello is the Fred Astaire Area Franchise Director for the state of New Jersey. She and her husband, Charlie, are former Fred Astaire National American Style Champions. She is a member of the Fred Astaire Dance Board, and a well known judge, coach, and choreographer. Jeanne is also responsible for regularly testing our Instructors on the Fred Astaire curriculum.
LuAnn Pulliam is one of the most decorated ballroom dancers in the Theater Arts and Cabaret divisions, including several Undefeated World titles. She and her husband and partner, Bruno Collins, have been with Fred Astaire for many years, and are currently owners of one of the top studios in the company. LuAnn is an expert at coaxing out a sensual side of dancers, and creating routines that highlight their best attributes.
Fabian Sanchez Fabian Sanchez made headlines when he joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars in season 6 and was partnered with Marlee Matlin, the first and only deaf contestant to be on the show. Fabian has been a familiar face with Fred Astaire for many years as a studio owner and earned the title of World Mambo Champion in 2006. It’s always exciting to have Fabian, his infectious laugh, and elastic hips in our studio.
Eddie Simon is a former United States ballroom champion, world showdance and U.S. theatrical finalist. Simon is a co-owner of Dance New York, New York Dance Festival and the Empire State Dance Sport Championships. He also returns to his hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, several times a year to coach and offer workshops at Dance New York's Iowa studio, as well as officiate at the annual Iowa Dancesport Challenge. He has also been featured as a guest choreographer on the television series So You Think You Can Dance. Eddie is renowned for his contribution to the American Smooth Style of dance. His influence opened up the smooth style and added the Fred Astaire characteristic to all the dances.
JT ThomasJT Thomas and her partner, Tomasz Mielnicki, have taken the Ballroom World by storm. As the current World and US Ballroom Champion, JT has become the new face of American Smooth. Using her experience in all forms of dance, she has transformed ballroom dancing into a completely new style. Known for her expressive movement, athletic choreography, and unique costumes, JT’s coachings are sure to enh